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Sunday 19 December 2010

Catfish, documentary film by Ariel Shulman, Yaniv Shulman and Henry Joost, recommended 4* out of 5

The documentary film Catfish follows the professional photographer of dance Yaniv Shulman from New York City, as he strikes up a Facebook friendship with an 8-year-old girl and other members of her family from a small town in Michigan. The eight-year-old sends him paintings she has made from his photos. Yaniv's brother Ariel, a documentary film maker, and their friend Henry Joost decide to make a film documenting the development of that Facebook friendship. Things get exciting when a very attractive and talented 20 year old sister of the little painter appears on the scene. Little do they know at that moment what twists and turns the relationship will take.
For the viewer there is some tension, some excitement and several surprises. A very pleasant surprise is the friendship between Yaniv, Ariel and Henry. They are articulate, perceptive and of high emotional intelligence. They also are not easily fooled. But when they begin to suspect that the Facebook family, as they call it, may not exactly be what it appears to be they try to find out more. What they find is interesting, surprising and moving.
Catfish is a fascinating documentary about human relationships and the human creativity and fantasy that can help us cope with difficult life situations. It is a skilfully made, sensitively researched documentary film, in turns funny, exciting and moving.

Catfish Poster

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