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Tuesday 5 November 2013

Enough Said, Film written and directed by Nicole Holofcener, 8*out of 10

Eva (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) is a massage therapist, divorced, and mother of a teenage daughter. When she joins her friend Sarah (Toni Colette) for a cocktail party she meets Marianne (Catherine Keener) a potential new client and Albert (James Gandolfini) a potential new love interest. Eva’s daughter will soon be off to college and Eva is trying “pre-adapt” to the time when she will have left home. And for Eva things are about to get really complicated. How will she fare in untangling the pile of emotional spaghetti that life, not entirely without Eva's own complicity, is about to serve up? 

With Enough Said Nicole Holofcener has done a remarkable job. She tells a plausible story about middle-class, middle-aged people who behave like normal middle-aged people would and manages to turn it into a highly entertaining drama/comedy. Moreover the film is perfectly cast with star actors who know how to deliver the subtly understated performances Holofcener’s writing and direction ask for.  The moments of humour are organically woven into the story; they do not appear contrived as in many of the romantic comedies coming to us from the United States. 

Unfortunately, the great James Gandolfini (unforgettable for his portrayal of the neurotic Mafia-boss Tony Soprano) died suddenly while on holiday in Italy this summer. We’re left here with his perfect portrayal of the eminently huggable Albert - and an immense sense of loss.

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