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Saturday 7 July 2018

Il colore nascosto delle cose (Emma), Film Italy 2017, co-written and directed by Silvio Soldini, 7.0* out of 10

Il colore nascosto delle cose is a watchable romantic comedy with a little extra weight provided by Valeria Golina's moving performance in the role of the blind Emma. 

Teo (Adriano Giannini) is a successful copywriter in his forties. As he is quite happy with his disordered life, he does not want to commit to his girlfriend Greta (Anna Ferzetti) and give up the sexual trysts with his married mistress Stefania (Valentina Carnelutti). But when he meets the blind osteopath Emma (Valeria Golino), what starts out as an interesting challenge of just another sexual conquest gently becomes a loud wake-up call for Teo to change perspective and examine his life; but is he strong enough to take the consequences.

Il colore nascosto delle cose could easily be just another romantic comedy, with the advantage to English speaking viewers that it has the exotic charm of being Italian and unless one assiduously follows contemporary Italian cinema, the actors are new to us. But what makes this film a bit special is that wrapped in the comedy it deals with the drama of women trying to cope with blindness and visual handicap. It is in that part that the film is unusual and succeeds to be moving with drama and humour rather than pathos. The characters of Emma and her friends, the visually handicapped Patti (Arianna Scomegna) and the young recently blinded Nadia (Laura Adriani) are well written and acted. Valeria Golino as Emma stands out.

Il colore nascosto delle cose is a watchable comedy drama for those looking for light romantic comedy entertainment with a little emotional extra that keeps the tear ducts active.

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