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Wednesday 17 November 2010

LIght Shining on Buckinghamshire at the Arcola Theatre highly recommended (seen in August 2010)

Light Shining over Buckinghamshire is an historical play about the period of the English civil war (1642-1651) by Caryl Churchill written in 1976. 

The heady mixture of war, revolution, religion and politics makes it relevant to our times. Agitators, Levelers and Diggers proffered new ideas. Some chime with the Taliban others foreshadowed common ownership (levellers -communism), urban gardening in common green spaces (diggers-green movement) and the proposal that constituencies should roughly equal numbers of eligible voters (agitators-David Cameron's Conservative Party). 

Listening to the discussions about universal human rights, the role of women in general and free sex and one definitely walks away wanting to find out more about this agitated period of British history. A very strong acting ensemble and excellent direction bring the religious, philosophical and political debates to life. The characters seem very real, passionate and hopeful. All this makes for a riveting production of an impressive play.

Written by Caryl Churchill
Director Polly Findlay

Designer Hannah Clark 
Sound Designer Gareth Fry 
Lighting Designer Matthew Pitman 
Casting Director Juliet Horsley
Cast: Philip Arditti, Jamie Ballard, Christopher Harper, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith, Helena Lymbery, Michelle Terry .

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